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TopThe Church on the Internet

the Vatican website

The Official Vatican Website in a variety of languages.

the National Conference of Catholic Bishops

Site of the American Catholic Bishops' Conference.

Massachusetts Catholic Conference

The Catholic Conference of Bishops in Massachusetts

The Worcester Diocesan Website

See what's happening in the Diocese.


The Open Directory Project listing of all Massachusetts Catholic Church websites

Worcester Parishes Online

Links to Parishes from the Diocesan website

Worcester Catholic Schools & Colleges

Links to local Catholic schools from the Diocesan website

Find out about The Worcester Cursillo.

Hierarchy even traces the Apostolic Succession of Bishops

Local Catholic History

History and Research of local parishes

Trinity Communications site offers ratings of other sites by topic.



On-line Bible Resources

New American Bible

This is the Catholic translation used in the Lectionary of the Mass.

Daily Readings from Lectionary at USCCB

The US Conference of Catholic Bishops provides these readings.

The Catholic Calendar Page

Comprehensive perpetual calendar of lectionary readings for all cycles at


This is the Best Free downloadable Bible tool! Unfortunately, the author is having trouble getting permission to provide the Catholic NAB version.

Bible Study Tools at

Commentaries, concordances, lexicons, parallel Bibles, dictionaries, histories, etc.

Virtual Christianity: Bibles

Other English translations and commentaries

The New Living Translations Bible

More than just the NLT: devotionals, meditations, commentaries and search



Catholic News Resources


" The Voice of Rome."

Catholic Free Press

view current and past headlines of Worcester Diocesan newspaper [.pdf]

Catholic News Service

Affliated with The US Conference of Catholic Bishops.

Independent Catholic News

Current International headlines

EWTN Network News

Eternal Word Television Network - Mother Angelica's website

Catholic World News

Subscription required for this service.



Church Documents

Catechism of The Catholic Church

At the U.S. Bishop's Conference site

Councils of the Church:Church Documents

The Ecole initiative:creating an Encyclopedia of the Early Church

Catechism of The Catholic Church

St. Charles Borromeo site, containing indexed links

Comprehensive collection of Papal documents going back to the 1200's

NewAdvent Church Documents

Featuring probably the most extensive On-line Catholic Encyclopedia

Vatican Library Quicklist index

Includes encyclicals, the Roman Curia, Synod of Bishops, Offices

Catechism Search provides a search engine for the Catechism of the Catholic Church



Theological Research

Comprehensive Resources: On-line Comprehensive Catholic Encyclopedia

Early Church Fathers

The Writings of the Fathers Down to A.D. 325

The Theology Library

Spring Hill College site provides a substantial directory to documents on other sites.

The Vatican Online

Internet Theology Resources

Virtual library of College of St Benedict and St John's University in Minnesota

The Theology Library

A compendium of resources by topic with links to other sites.


Commentaries that challenge



Other Catholic Sites of Interest


This website is a great network to other Catholic websites

Frontline: From Jesus to Christ

PBS intellectual and visual guide to new historical evidence about the life of Jesus and the epic rise of Christianity.

White Robed

provide some answers when you cannot find them elsewere.

Christian Classics Ethereal Library

"Classic Christian books in electronic format, selected for your edification."

Daily Catholic

This site offers some Traditional Catholic views as well as daily meditations and links.

Catholic Doors Ministry

Links to over 2,000 webpages

Diane's Catholic Images

(links to other sites)


Jewish Origins of the Catholic Church

Mass Times

(Liturgy times and addresses for anywhere in US.)


an artistically pleasing page on the Jewish Passover prayers

St. Charles Borromeo Website

original pages plus many links to other sites.

The Baltimore Catechism

This is the Old Baltimore Catechism in question and answer form.

"This site is dedicated to providing accurate historical and current information about the liturgies of the Latin (Roman) rite of the Catholic Church."

The Crossroads Initiative

A Catholic apostolate of renewal and evangelization by Dr. Marcellino, author for the weekly Our Sunday Visitor column "This Liturgy of Ours"

Link list to the Catholic web.

This site rates other Catholic sites for content,fidelity and presentation.



Defending The Faith

ABC's of Faith

A faithful and entertaining Apologetics site which addresses many levels of faith.

Catholic Sites

A directory of Catholic Sites including apologetics.

Biblical Evidence for Catholicism

good doctrinal site

Catholic Answers at

"Catholic Answers is one of the nation’s largest lay-run apostolates of Catholic apologetics and evangelization."

Catholic Biblical Apologetics

"What does the Roman Catholic Church teach about ...? ... and why?"


Apologetics from and for converts

Bible Answers for Bible Christians

coming to the Truth through the Bible

Dr Scott Hahn's St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology

A must visit to audio and transcriptions from one of the leading Catholic apologists

St Thomas Aquinas Forum

Articles written with simplicity and clarity to better explain the theology of the Catholic Church in laymen's language.

General Apologetics

General arguments for defending the Catholic faith

Nazareth Resource Library

James Akin is a well-known apologist who addresses questions in a thorough but understandable style.

Evidence of God for Agnostics




Catholic faith formation for a global community

e3mil Catholic

Resources for Faith and Life

Catholic Communication Network

Featuring the American Catholic Scripture study series on-line videos.

Catholic Scripture Study

Free On-line Scripture study prepared by Scott Hahn, Jeff Cavins, et al. for Famiies

A Catechetical activity page recommended by the Diocese of Worcester

Envoy Magazine

Patrick Madrid's online magazine offers orthodox Catholic theology with helpful historical perspective in an easy to read format.

The Internet Question Box

Catholic Frequently Asked Questions, answers provided by James Akins at

The Nazareth Files

Catholic teaching provided by James Akins at Spiritual Help for Families

A family oriented page containing articles. Recommended by the Diocese of Worcester

Access To Catholic Social Justice Teachings

"WARNING: The study, practice, and spirituality of Catholic social justice teachings may be hazardous to your hard-heartedness, complacency, skepticism, indifference, and hubris. "

Crossing The Threshold of Hope

serving the poor in 98 countries overseas through programs in emergency relief, HIV/AIDS, health, agriculture, education, microfinance, and peacebuilding.

Catholic Relief Services

Questions and Answers by Pope John Paul II

Good News Ministries' rich online resource of articles to do spiritual building workouts.



Youth Ministry Resources

Catholic Educator's Resource Center

This site contains a lot of help for teacher formation; some resources Resources page

The National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry

Forum, Reading room, music, games, and wallpaper for phat teens and young adults.

This site contains pages for prayer and children's activities

Looking for games or lesson plans for teens?

Detour Theatre

Free skits here.

Youth Ministry Resource Library

Retreat, prayer, activity and skit resources for teens

DramaShare Christian Drama Theatre Resources

A large number of skits indexed by topic

Offers skits and plays for Teens, as well as a page on drama how-to's

Puppet Scripts

Scripture based. If you don't use them as is, try borrowing ideas.

Daughters Of St

Online activities, coloring books, etc. geared to grade school age

Franciscan Youth Conferences

Information about the Franciscan University of Steubenville Summer Youth Conferences

Christian Youth Resources-Australia

Resources for Youth Camps, games, Bible study, training etc.(Protestant, but fairly ecumenical.)

Mission (UK)

This site provides activities as well as links to other sites.

Youth Ministry

contains materials, links, etc for working with youth.

Catholic Community Forum

- Local Youth Group Websites from around the world

OneRock Teen E-zine

"The place for youth to talk about Catholicism."


Award winning Youth 2000 New York Regional website for teens

LIFE TEEN has much for teenagers.

Jonathan's Resources for Teens

This site contains some good activities for teens.

Youth Ministry Resources at

Links to resources on the web.

Sunday School Software links

Links to some other good sites



Prayers and Meditations

click on the ticker below to view a meditation.

Catholic Prayers

Prayers and Litanies provided by the Altar Servers of the parish of Our Lady of Perpetual Succour in Singapore.

One Holy Catholic and Apostolic

This site contains many good links to other Prayer sites

Catholic Prayers

Prayers for all occasions

Mary's Way of the Cross

Not just during Lent and Holy week it's good to visit this site.

This site requires registration.

Stations of the Cross

A good meditation site - visit the home page while you are there.

Online Catholic Prayer Book

a few prayers, some well-known

Catholic Prayer

A somewhat confusing site nevertheless posts some Catholic prayers, pictures, etc.




Part of a network of Catholic sites with information about saints Saints

large index of saints on the web

3,522 topics -==- 7,115 saints, beati and venerables

Lists and articles pertaining to Catholic saints as posted by various authors/sources

American Catholic.Org -Index to Saints

Large index by name,date, etc.

Our Lady of Guadalupe

This site is devoted to Our Lady


Annointed Links



Quotes and Inspirations

Dave's Home Page

*Nice Stories*

Chicken Soup For the Soul Archives

On-line free stories from the series.

Chicken Soup For the Soul Home Page

The index to the inspirational site.

Inspirational Christian Stories

Christian Stories, Poems and Thoughts indexed by topic

Cyber Quotations:Inspirational Quotations and Motivational Stories

" will help you develop positive thinking"

After Hours Inspirational Stories

Stories indexed by topic.

The Quotations Page: Search for Quotations

This page has a meta-search engine to other on-line quote sites.

Good site to come up with an appropriate quote.

TPCN - Cybernation

More than 13,000 quotes that inspire.



Paxton Related Sites

Town of Paxton Official Site

Town of Paxton departments, schedules, events.

Paxton Historical Commission

Contains articles about the town and its past.

Richard's Memorial Library

Paxton's Library maintains a well-done website with pages for the whole family.

Anna Maria College

features the Moll Art Center on campus.

Historical Sketch of the First Congregational Church Paxton MA

Compiled and printed September 1935 Transcribed by"Arline Larson"

MASS DOE Profile

Paxton Center School Department of Education Profile

Paxton Summary Profile

Kopola's Tow Asnebumskit Hill

Part of the Lost MA Areas site

The Web Directory

A Directory Listing of all sorts of services, organizations

Moore State Park

an article by Lois Breault and Denis Melican Paxton, MA

Paxton Massachusetts Census Statistics

provided by

Historic USGS Maps of New England

UNH DIMOND LIBRARY Documents Department & Data Center

Worcester MA Postal History

Contains some neat historical advertisements online - Commonwealth Communities

Massachusetts' webpage on Paxton

Central MA Watershed Map

Paxton sits in the middle of a watershed.

NewEngland WOW "the portal to New England"

An interesting website about what to do in New England

This site was designed specifically for area residents, with all of your needs and interests in mind.

Wachusett Regional School District

School calendar, contacts, budget, etc. 


Art - Icons in the Byzantine Catholic Church

All about the symbolism and history of Icons

The Web Gallery of Art

Over 10,100 digital reproductions of European paintings and sculptures created between the years 1150 and 1800, many commented and biographies of the significant artists are given.

Christus Rex Fine Art Image Gallery

Part of the Christus Rex Project

National Gallery of Art

Online tour of The National Gallery of Art and its Sculpture Garden, located on the National Mall.

Comprehensive site features 185 great artists through time.

The Worldwide Art Gallery

Australian site features a growing online collection by artist, category, region. - Arts

AcademicInfo is an online education resource center containing online arts degree information and subject resources such as books, articles, and links.

Hermanoleon Images

Some of the most artistic free Christian web art on the internet..




National Association of Pastoral Musicians

Online service of NPM for Musicians and Clergy.

The origins and development of liturgical worship and the music used in these worship forms over the past millennia.

Where you can hear, discuss, find Catholic music

Susan Bailey - Local musician performing familiar and original Christian music Music links

Worship and Liturgical music

Contemporary Catholic Music Radio

presenting the Good News of Jesus Christ and his Church, using the best in contemporary Catholic music, on the radio and online.

Dedicated to Liturgical renewal."


Christian Copyright Licensing International: independent composer's copyright licensing.

Delicate Fade Christian Music

Resource of worship music, Christian guitar tabs, links to record label and band websites." Guitar tabs

Contemporary Christian music guitar tabs

Contemporary Christian music mp3 files for listening

Catholic Music Network

Where to buy CDs and tapes from up-and-coming Catholic musicians.

1Body Music Ministry website

The webmaster belongs to this ministry, whose home is in the Diocese of Worcester MA

Don Francisco's Music Page

A recording artist shares some good advise to those involved in music ministry

The Center For Liturgy Sunday Worship

Liturgical resources for planning from the University of St. Louis

Traditional Music for the Contemporary Church




The Executive Branch portal at FirstGov

Internet Portal to the Executive and other branches of Federal, State, and local government.

The White House

Visit the home of the Executive Branch

The U.S. House of Representatives

Congressional schedules, committees, contacts, etc.

The U.S. Senate

Congressional schedules, committees, contacts, etc.

Portal to Massachusetts State Government

The three branches: Executive, Legislature, Judiciary, and other government sites

Find out how your elected officials vote and where they stand.

The Library of Congress

Home to the largest library in America.

The Wikipedia web Encyclopedia project

Open Content public authored Encyclopedia

Bibliomania Online Literature

Free Online Literature with more than 2000 Classic Texts.

A window to some of the best sites on the Internet for general research.

How Stuff Works

Learn how everything works.

If The World Were A Village

Links to population reference databases support a childrens book about if the world were made up of one hundred people.

One possible weather forecasting site.

simply visiting this site will help the poor

The RhymeZone

Lycos sponsored site offers rhymes, homonyms, synonyms, definition and antonyms to words you enter - good for prose and poetry!

United States Historical Census Browser

U Fisher VA Electronic Library sponsors this research site.

Great Books Online

Amnesty International

Working to protect human rights throughout the world.



Just For Fun

Big Ideas from Larry Boy

You know, Veggie Tales?

"the mother lode of unique outdoor games, toys for active play and innovative sporting goods."

Cookbooks Online boasts a 1M+ recipe database

National Geographic kids

fun and games and education

Disney Online

Enjoyment for everyone young at heart.

A pretty good site for recipes of all sorts.

download whole cookbooks, including my mother's Fanny Farmer cookbook - at a cost.

Science Museum on the web.

The Public Broadcasting System gives us Sesame Street, Julia Child and This Old House

The best of the web for kids.

Activities, crafts, home, garden, ecards, parenting, etc.


From Arthur to Zoom

The Open Directory ProjectTop 

Search Engines


"What you need to know" points to many helpful indices


- Art, Design, Architecture, Media Information Gateway

African Resources Directory

Developed by Hans Zell Publishing, Oxford for use by the book professions in Africa, and by African writers and scholars.

All The Web

URL, picture, audio, video file search capabilities

Alta Vista

One of the first, best search engines

Alta Vista Photo Finder

- find photos and art on the www


- fine arts search engine

Ask Jeeves

Originally from Digital-altavista: ask your question.

Blue Web'n

- Database of website resources for K-12 education.


- Directory of academic subject links


All things Canada


- Directory of databases and specialty engines

Direct Search

goes where search engines cannot - into specific databases.


Picks the top ten from several other search engines

DMOZ - Open Directory Project

The web as indexed by volunteer human beings.


- search directory of economics information


- search European websites

- Official website for searching for U.S. government documents


The Websearch Alliance Directory - is for sale!


- genealogy search engine


very good all round search engine uses DMOZ and other metasearches for information

Google Uncle Sam

- searches for governments sites and documents


- good engine 

Human Rights

- meta engine for searching multiple human rights sites


This search engine has automated windowing tools for multi-tasking work.


- an economics gateway and search engine

International Affairs

- links from the WWW Virtual Library

Internet Public Library

public service organization at University of Michigan School of Information.


- select search type for your query 

Knowledge Hound

- The How-to Hunter

Legal Engine

- a search engine/directory online legal information

Librarian's Index To The Internet

- a subject directory



well-known search engine

Lycos Richmedia

- an image search engine Search Engine

Good results from this "Meta-search" engine. Search Engine

This site sets you up to choose from the best engines.


Microsoft Network Search


- searches medical databases - good for nursing and consumer information.


Political Information

- a search engine for politics and polity


- a meta-search tool

Scout Report Archive

- Searchable database of academic resource websites. Also browsable by Library of Congress Subject Classification.

Search Engine Colossus

- International Directory of Search Engines

Search Engine Guide

- index to over 2000 subject specific engines and directories


- index of college, university and other educational sites

NBCi - search engine


- Search engine/directory for computer science & mathematics


Delivers results from a broad range of sources: the visible and invisible Web, newsfeeds, and intranets.


- indexes on content authority



- a "find engine"